Manufacturing process

Brief Dedsription of Manufacturing process for 5 Gallon and PET Cups.

Yas Mineral Water are processed and packaged in a fully automated, modern manufacturing facility utilizing innovative processing technologies. The process aims to guarantee the highest safety standards for drinking water and ensure a taste that is in accordance with customer satisfaction. Water passes through a multi stages of filtration system before it is mixed with high quality food grade minerals to enhance the taste and standards.

Yas Mineral Water is processed and produced through following steps.

Step 1: Receiving of raw materials .

Raw materials are purchase from approved supplier through supplier evaluation.

1. Raw Water is received from dubai municipality approved source.DEWA.
2. Food grade minerals – merck and honewell
3. Bottles and caps – Rayyan plastics
4. Priting ink and sleeve – techno middle east and evergreen plastics.
5. Pet sheet and aluminium foils – octal and falcon packaging.
6. Cleaning chemicals – Ecolab
7. Lab chemicals and media – Biotronics
8. Filters – Biotronics
9. Machines and equipments – severn trend services, water technologies etc.

Quality testing of the the raw materials is conducted regularly to monitor for contamination.

Step 2:Initial water treatment.

Bag filteration-5 micron, it will remove dirts and debris.

Step 3 :Disinfection with chlorine.

we maintaine 5 mg/l of free chlorine to prevent bacteriological contamination.

Step 4 :Raw water storage.

For getting proper contacting time for chlorine disinfection the water sore in fiber glass tanks. Cappaciy 28000 USG X 2 = 56000 USG.

Step 5 : Multimedia filterations (2 vessels).

his step is used for particulate removal and to remove suspended solids or turbidity from the water. By removing this debris in the water, The filter prevents the downstream equipment from being plugged up when operated properly.

Step 6 :Activated carbon filteration(2 vessels).

It consists of removing chlorines,odour and THMs (trihalomethanes) through a daily-monitored activated carbon filtration process.

Step 7 : Sediment filteration system (5Micron).

The filter prevents the downstream equipment from being plugged up when operated properly.

Step 8 :Reves osmosis filteration (demineralization).

Demineralisation removes unwanted minerals (through reverse osmosis filteration). This is monitored on an hourly basis.

Step 9 :Reminerailisation.

At this point, Selected food grade minerals are added to cater to consumer taste and quality preferences.

- Calcium chloride
- Magnesium chloride
- Sodium bi carbonate
- Magnesium Sulphate
- Potassium bi carbonate

Minerals are mixing and dosing by automatic injection machine. This is monitored on an hourly basis.
Quality Checking: Ingredients’ used in this mineralization process are sampled at defied interval to ensure conformity to the regulatory standards.

Step 10: Product water sorage.

After remineralisation its stored in stainless steel tank.Water received in storage tanks is monitored on a hourly basis by chemical.daily basis microbiological parameters.

Step 11 :Two stages Micr- filteration (0.5 and 0.2 micron).

Supapore micro-filtration removes particles as small as 0.2 microns. It is also capable of removing potential microbiological contaminants. This is monitored on an hourly basis.

Step 12 : Ozone disinfection.

Ozone disinfection is the third disinfection step it prevent microbial contamination and odor of water, using a highly reactive form of oxygen. This is monitored on an hourly basis.

Step 13 : Five gallon return bottle inspection.

Returned PC bottles are preinspected ,decapping,light inspection and outside washing with alkaine detergent and inner rinsing with P3-Oxonia.

Step 14 : 5gallon bottle washing.

12 Statages of Five Gallon Bottle Washer comprising of high pressure water rinser with brush , Hot alkaline wash, sanitizer wash ,pre-ozonized water rinse, final ozonized water rinse, cap sterilizer and Capping.

Step 15 : filling and packaging.

5 Gallon: The Ozonated water then filled with 5Gallon PC bottles.

PET Cups: The Ozonated water then passed to PET Cup filling machine filling in PET cups then packing in carton and carton palletizing and taken into the warehouse or shipped to the retailers through clean and covered chilled vehicles.

Step 16 : Date printing.

It print on bottle to identify products, it contain manufacturing , expiry date ,time and batch number.

Step 17 : Sleeve applicator.

Automatic sleeve application.

Step 18 : Final Light inspection.

Step 19 : Heat tunnel.

for sleeve shrinking.

Step 20 : Storage.

5gallon filled bottles are stored on plastic pellets in product water storage area.PET CUPS are packed in carton and and palatize with plastic pellets.

Step 21 : Loading and delivery.

Manual laoding in in well cleaned coverd chiller trucks .

Step22 : Monitoring Quality in the market place

Our sales team will follow up every product before delivering to customers if any damage or leakage formed during travelling or storage.

• The filling room is highly sanitary to ensure bottling is conducted in a microbiologically controlled environment. It is continuously monitored and controlled HACCP,ISO22000:2005 food safety management system.

• Packaging quality assurance is conducted by human inspection and the latest in modern equipment designed to ensure the removal of any packaging defects.

• Line sanitation includes automated cleaning equipment (CIP System)to ensure maximum cleanliness, effectiveness and control.

• Our plant is well equipped with its own quality control laboratory and quality assurance staffs to analyse and ensure that all aspects of the final product comply with U.A.E/GSO 1025/2009 standards and specifications and customer satisfaction

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Management Team

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Quality standards have been established in accordance with the strict water manufacturing guidelines of Food Control Authority and are closely monitored within theYAS Mineral Water Bottling.

Furthermore, our product samples are regularly delivered to the dubai Food Control Authority for testing as well as to accredited third-party laboratories for their quality analysis and approval.

Yas Mineral Water bottling is a fully certified and accredited manufacturing operation in adherence to ISO 9001, HAACP and Esma.

We are committed to providing all our customers with the best, healthiest water product at all times. It is our core business and our goal is to be known as industry professionals in providing the highest quality water.

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